About Us

A Small Team of Automation Experts

Our Founders

Who We Are

Suzie Vermeulen

Digital Marketing Strategist

Suzie has worked in the online marketing world since 2009. She studied business and marketing in the Netherlands, and majored in online marketing. She also helps her partner grow a successful tourism business. She knows the struggles of running a small local business and she specialises in building a strong online presence that brings in a steady stream of visitors.

Tyron Van Santen

Business Strategist & Tour Operator

Tyron is an experienced business strategist who’s spent his whole life experiencing being an entrepreneur. As a child he was helping out his dad in their family business. He now owns his own successful tourism business, Epic Ocean Adventures. In his spare time, he loves helping other business owners work through the online marketing process and assisting in growing their businesses online.

About The Boom Local Team

Our team is made up of Automation and AI experts, but also experts in other areas of digital marketing including SEO, professional copywriters and Google/Facebook ads specialists. We work with remote freelancers because we hire based on skills, not location. This allows us to contract the best people possible, and it also allows us to charge more affordable rates for our services because we don’t have to pay the ridiculous overheads of running an office. We’re fully remote, and we would not have it any other way.