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Social Media Marketing Sunshine Coast

Social Media Marketing Sunshine Coast

Boom Local is a full-service social media marketing agency on the Sunshine Coast, offering customised social media marketing solutions for small to medium-size businesses. 

We believe in the importance of a strong social presence, connecting and building relationships with your fans and followers. We also believe in productivity and the power of automation. It’s easy to waste your time and money on social media, that’s why we focus on what really works to keep the quality of our output high while keeping the costs low. 

  • Social Media profile Creation
  • Brand Story Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Posting
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Influencer Outreach
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Social Media Automation
  • Online Reputaion Management


Suzie has designed our website and she is now managing all our social media and online marketing. She has been very successful in doing outreach campaigns to local media to promote our Hope Gin, a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness month. We have been very happy with her work and will keep using her services. Highly recommended!
apollo bay distillery social media
Gigi Milone
General Manager Apollo Bay Distillery
We have been very happy with the results we've achieved since working with Boom Local SEO. Suzie has helped us with many different aspects of our business including web design, social media, google ads and SEO.
Sean Epic Ocean Adventures Social Media
Sean Permezel
Owner Epic Ocean Adventures
Excellent!! Suzie has helped take my business to the next level! Shes is always there regardless of the hour and her support and expertise is beyond expectations. Great person and business acumen. Thank you!
Tori A1 Myotherapy Social Media
Tori Smedley
Owner A1 Myotherapy

Are you ready to grow your business with Social Media Marketing Sunshine Coast?

Sunshine Coast Social Media Services

We Focus On Your Business’ Growth Using Effective Social Media Solutions

Social Media Management

Our talented social media experts have the ability to handle many campaigns as you reach your goal of increasing your footprint across all of the social media platforms. We do this by creating a real conversation. We don't believe in just doing the bare minimum. We want people to truly engage and ultimately understand what you can do to help them solve their problems.

Social Media Posting

Are you not seeing the right amount of social media growth? Are you at a loss as to what to post? Don't worry! We're here to help! Not only do we have the ability to increase your followers, but we know exactly the content that your customers are looking for. We analyse your business needs, your target audience, and combine our findings to create a unique campaign tailored for success!

Social Media Paid Advertising

Our Sunshine Coast social media marketing services also cover paid advertising. Paid advertising is a great tool because it instantly boosts your brand to a larger network. We're constantly researching and implementing the latest trends in digital marketing. We also keep a keen eye on the budget. We always focus on the most pertinent way to boost conversions.

Facebook Marketing

We all know the power of Facebook. Boasting over 2.3 billion active users, you're going to need a professional to navigate the massive social network to drive traffic to any of your campaigns. Our team is thoroughly versed in running Facebook marketing campaigns of different types. We simply love diving into Facebook's algorithm to find a custom solution to handle the unique goals of your prospective campaign. Our goal is to engage with your audience, establish trust, and build advocacy in your niche.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is another platform that should never be overlooked. Our social media agency on the Sunshine Coast will supply great Instagram marketing services. Our team is full of social media experts that understand the importance of profile optimisation, including the visual representation that is garnered to raise social engagement metrics. In addition to that, we are also thoroughly capable of running paid Instagram ads that will bring more interested parties to your business or service.

Social Media Automation

Our Sunshine Coast agency specialises in digital marketing and social media for small local businesses. We know your small local business might struggle to find the funds to pay for a social media manager, but you also struggle to find the time to manage your social media yourself! That's why we can automate your social media for you. Sounds to good to be true..? Have a chat with our specialists and find out how we can help.

Social Media Brand Management

The reputation of your brand is possibly the number one contributing factor to your success. If people don't trust, you will find it hard to find clients and provide your services. Our Sunshine Coast social media experts will watch your branding campaigns like a hawk. We will respond to each comment, review, and inquiry about your business quickly and accurately.

Social Influencer Outreach

Influencers are truly movers and shakers in social media. With our help, you can build brand awareness and find audiences that you didn't previously cater to with our network of influencers. It's an effective way to build your brand because influencer audiences genuinely trust the promoter and will support their causes. It's effective, quick, and can have a long-lasting impact.

Online Reputation Management

We're not just looking at the popularity of your brand, we want to protect your image as a whole. Our Sunshine Coast social media experts monitor your online reputation. Unfortunately, there may be a time where someone has a less than perfect experience with your company. We're experts in resolving and replying to any negative reviews or comments.

Why You Should Choose Us As Your Sunshine Coast Social Media Marketing Agency

Gain new customers through definitive social media solutions

We’re a social media marketing agency located on the Sunshine Coast. We use cutting-edge technologies and data-rich social media campaigns. We always strive to innovate and are absolutely committed to delivering a job well done each day. We also don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. Our custom, high-quality campaigns are always unique and fit for purpose.

Here’s what you’ll get from us:

Clients First

Our customers choose us because we put the customer first!! We consider our job to be done well if we keep our client's needs before anything else. Once you set the goal, we work hard to get it done as soon as possible!


Many agencies are one-off. We're exactly the opposite of that! We'd like to be your marketing partner. It's for that reason that we generally go above and beyond the call of duty to keep our clients happy. We're always looking for new opportunities for growth.

Proven Performance

Our Sunshine Coast social media marketing company has consistently demonstrated that we are a comprehensive digital marketing outlet. The goal is always the same - help businesses achieve their full potential with their online marketing efforts.

We're Honest

We're an agency that doesn't cut corners. We're not going to bolster our bottom line by offering services that you may not need. We'd much rather just stick to those that will help your business and won't cost an arm and a leg. We believe in being respectful, honest, and completely committed to your success.

We Live By Data

We love data here! Our scope allows us to follow the latest trends and technologies to assure that we're delivering timely results based on research and experience. Our approach is to constantly analyse your performance and apply the pertinent method to maximise our efforts on your campaign.

We Believe In Transparency

We always want to keep you in the loop. We show all of our clients the results and try our absolute best to get our clients to understand how we're getting these results. Our Sunshine Coast social media company presents comprehensive reports and keeps the lines of communication open.

Are you ready to be social with us? We're Sunshine Coast locals, ready to help you out!