If you are in the hospitality industry, you are CRAZY if you aren’t leveraging Google and Online Review Sites
hospitality marketing

Hospitality Marketing

At Boom Local SEO, we’ve worked with a lot of different local business in different industries, but one of our favourite industries to work with is… The Hospitality Industry. After successfully helping many hospitality clients, we truly believe we are your go-to marketing agency when it comes to hospitality marketing.

We focus on what works in the hospitality industry. Social Media still has its power in some ways, BUT the real power nowadays comes with Google and Online Review Platforms.

Do you want to attract new customers and be findable for tourist travelling to your region?

If you’re not ranking at the TOP of Google and Tripadvisor then you’re nowhere to be found. Get your head out of the social media fishbowl and into the ocean of travellers looking for you! 

The Truth about Social Media…

Your organic social media posts only get received by a percentage of your followers and those who like your Facebook or Instagram page. New customers will NOT see your message if they haven’t yet heard of your bar or restaurant before, unless you are spending money of Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Google and review sites like Tripadvisor are where you find people who have never heard of your restaurant before and are looking for what you offer!

In the tourism and hospitality industry, social media is very ineffective to attract NEW customers. What do YOU use to find somewhere to eat or drink when you are travelling around? Or when you want to discover new places in your own backyard?
I guess you don’t go to Facebook or Instagram and start scrolling like crazy until a nice place comes up. People looking for new restaurants or cafes to eat use Google, Tripadvisor and Yelp almost exclusively. These platforms are made for discovering new places.

Once a potential new customer has found a place to eat, they might look up the place on social media to check their food images and ambience, but that’s it.

Don’t get us wrong. We are not saying that Social Media is not important at all. It’s still very important for branding and building relationships with your EXISTING customers. That’s why we still believe it should be part of your digital strategy. Just make sure it’s not your one and only or primary focus!

We don’t just “suppose” that this is the truth, we’ve actually asked the public to prove our theory and we’ve analysed data and website visits of our hospitality clients for over 8 years. The public and the data have spoken! At Boom Local, we focus on online reputation management and SEO first, because that’s where most growth comes from.

If you don’t agree, then we’re probably not the best fit for your business.

If you are ready to get out of the social media fish bowl and into the ocean of new customers…

Our Hospitality Marketing Services…

Reputation Management

Did you know that there is an art to responding to online reviews? It’s saying the same thing in a thousand different ways and not getting emotionally involved when someone is attacking your business or staff. Apologising for something you don’t agree with is not always the easiest thing to do, but sometimes it might be your best strategy! Also, don’t just respond to the negative reviews, but make sure all reviews are responded to. Your 5-star fans deserve a reply more than anyone else.
We get it though… You don’t have time for this and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on someone replying to reviews. That’s why it’s worth hiring an expert who lives responding to online reviews and gets it done in no time without overthinking. We know all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to online review responses. There’s only one thing worse than a 1-star review and that’s a 1-way conversation! Keep that in mind…

SEO for Hospitality

“Restaurants near me, bar in South Brisbane, gluten free cafe in Melbourne”, leave it up to us! We optimise your hospitality business for the local search results to help potential customers find you online and in your local region. If you are in the tourism industry and you are not focussing on your local rankings, then you’re missing out on lots of potential customers. This also includes Google Maps and Voice Searches. Often potential customers are on their phones, on the go, just quickly looking for services around them. They find something on their map app, click on “Get Directions” and they’re on their way to YOU! (If you show up in the top rankings at least). Ranking your restaurant, bar or cafe in the Google Maps “snack pack” (the top 3 results) is our main goal and our work efforts are fully measurable!

Hospitality Website

Am I right? Your website is set up with only one wish in mind – that it will help you make money. The more you’re being found in a Google search, the more customers you attract and the more money you will make. Yet, most owners or managers of hospitality businesses are obsessed with the looks of their website and not if it’s being set up to be found on Google. We don’t blame them. They can only judge the design, because the technical part and SEO are out of their field of knowledge. That’s why it’s important to get an SEO expert to look over your website, not just a “designer” who can make it look pretty. Nowadays, being found in on Google is very critical to your restaurant’s success, whether it’s a normal search, voice search or GPS search. Don’t just create an amazing looking website that nobody new will find. Make sure your website is getting found and making you MONEY!

Social Media

Social Media is AWESOME to connect and build relationships with your local suburb and loyal customers, but don’t expect it to bring many new customers in. When it comes to social media, we work as efficient as possible to keep the costs low for you! Social Media nowadays is all about branding and relevancy. If a post is not building your brand with high quality imagery or very relevant to your loyal customers, then it’s not worth your time and money. Stop waisting your money on a social media manager who is spending 15+ hours each week posting, engaging and managing your social media. Start using an expert who focusses on the things that actually WORK!
Social Media does work well when you are able to turn your customer’s social media profile into a free bill board for your business… Have a chat with us to learn more about this successful strategy!

Effective marketing tools

Over the years, we’ve used a lot of different marketing tools, but a few are definitely our favourites and we use them for all our clients because we know they work and put butts in seats. From Local SEO tools, to reputation management tools, to wifi marketing tools, to SMS tools… We only use what works for you!

Wifi Marketing

Ever heard of Wifi Marketing? Trade free wifi access in exchange for your patron’s email address! To make it even better, you can use direct and automated emails to sell in-house promotions while the customer is within your venue! Keep it short and simple, and offer something valuable. We manage your Wifi Marketing for you!

Our Hospitality Marketing Packages.


Let us build and manage your website and online reputation
$ 490 Monthly
  • Review widget on website
  • Text message review generator
  • In-house promo material for more reviews (table talkers, posters, etc.)
  • Review respond service within 48 hours or less on Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook and Yelp
  • Flagging negative reviews that can potentially be removed
  • Our team stays closely in contact with you to bring up issues as soon as they occur
  • Fully Managed Wifi Marketing Integration
  • Complete Website Management Services (Standard Package)
  • Small Website Edits (60 min)
  • Website Development Support
  • Monthly review reports
  • Monthly site health reports


Get found on Google and rank above your competitors
$ 990 Monthly
  • Everything in Basic Hospitality Marketing
  • Ongoing Menu Updates (Website, Google, Facebook)
  • Keyword Research
  • Appear in the top results of Google for keywords like “bars near me” or “restaurants + town”
  • Building online listings and citations with accurate NAP (Name, Address, Phone) details
  • Send “suggested edits” and “Google Local Guide” suggestions to moderation to assure accuracy
  • Correct placement of map pin marker on all online maps including Google, Uber and Apple Maps
  • Get visible in the GPS systems installed in all new cars
  • Technical SEO
  • Small Website Edits (120 min)
  • Monthly SEO reports


Get all digital marketing services and save a ton!
$ 1490 Monthly
  • Everything in Standard Hospitality Marketing
  • Daily Social Media Management
  • 2 Social Media posts per week (Focus: Quality Images & Branding)
  • On-Demand Social Media Posts & Stories (Focus: Relevancy!)
  • Images editing for Social Media
  • Local Facebook Group posting (only if posting with business page is allowed…)
  • Monthly Social Media Reports


Add branding and event management for pubs & bars
$ 1990 Monthly
  • Everything in Premium Hospitality Marketing
  • Graphic Design (Poster or TV screen promotions. max. 4 designs per month)
  • 1 Facebook Ads Campaign for Likes, Events, Specials, etc. (Ad Budget not included)
  • Event listings on website, Facebook, ATDW, Eventbrite, Eventfinda
  • Setting up and editing Live Gig templates
  • Monthly Customer Analytics Report
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