We understand your struggles. Let’s keep the costs low while hitting your GG’s (Google Goals).
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Affordable SEO for Small Business

When you are a small business, you have to watch every cent you spend. We understand! We’ve been there ourselves. That’s why we’ve been searching for a way to offer affordable SEO services for your small business, without losing out on results. At Boom Local SEO, we deliver high quality local SEO services, and because we trust our own work so much, we offer performance based SEO.

Our complete team of experts has over 8 years of SEO experience and continuously delivers consistent and permanent results for our clients.

You only pay if you rank!

No Risk SEO

You only pay if you rank. Can it get more affordable? This means no risk for your business. We trust our work and the results we can deliver for your small business.

Hyper Local SEO

Focus on local! We're not just ranking you in the organic Google results, we also rank you on Google Maps! Getting you in the Google "Snack Pack" is our main goal!

More Traffic, More Leads

When you rank higher on Google, you will receive more clicks, more traffic and more leads! Grow your business while you're sitting back. Let us do the work!

Affordable SEO

We understand your struggles. Our pricing is dynamic and very affordable for your small business. There is no need paying a high agency fee being a small business owner.

How It Works?

How we keep our SEO affordable for your small business? It’s simply, “you only pay if you rank!”
This sounds amazing, but how does it actually work?
We understand. Our pricing model might confuse you, but we’ll do our best to explain it to you!

Keyword Difficulty & Competition

Our pricing is based on the keyword difficulty and competition of your keyword. No need to pay high fees if it’s easy to rank for a keyword! We adjust our pricing accordingly. Simply fill out the form below with your domain and desired keywords and we will email you a quote based on price per keyword and per ranking. 

Only Pay If You Rank!

We only charge you an affordable monthly rate if we improve your rankings. The costs are calculated per keyword and per position on Google. For example, if you are currently ranking in position 15 on Google, then we would charge if we rank you in the following ranking tiers: 14-10 (lowest rate), 9-6, 6-4, and 3-1 (highest rate).

Free Keyword Research & Advice

Sometimes the keywords you want to rank for, might not be the best keywords for your small business! They might be very competitive, don’t have any search volume or there’s simply a different keyword variation that could bring your much more traffic for a more affordable SEO rate. It’s our goal to identify the best keyword opportunities for you. If we think you choose the wrong keyword, we will let you know!

Tunnel Vision Focus

With our performance SEO model, we have a tunnel vision focus on ranking your keywords. That’s why we are able to make our SEO services so affordable. We only focus on what we think is needed to rank you for your keyword. This is not a fully managed SEO service. If you are interested in fully managed SEO with everything included, then check out our Hyper Local SEO services

Are you ready to rank on Google? Start ranking with affordable SEO for your small business!

T&C: Pay On Result SEO plans are only available to clients of our standard website management package. To check out our website management packages, click here.