Digital Strategy and Online Consulting

Every business has its unique needs and challenges. Meet with our professional team to help you determine what’s the best way to help improve your business. We will ask you questions to fully understand your business and provide individualised, unique and specific strategies and ideas to improve your business from a macro perspective.

Branding and Graphic Design

Although digital marketing will bring you in the leads, branding and graphic design is necessary to build your brand. Your brand will help you stand out in a world of non-stop impressions. It’s another important aspect of your marketing strategy. Your brand is your business identity and it helps your business to gain trust. We work together with a team of professional branding experts and designers to create your unique brand. For website design, click here.

Blogging and Content Marketing

Blogging and content marketing is an essential part of digital marketing, especially SEO. It’s already included in most of our SEO packages. But because it’s so important we also offer it as a separate service. Let us organise and generate your website’s content, optimised for Google Search.

Social Media Marketing and Management

A Social Media presence is important for today’s businesses. At Book Local we specialise in Instagram and Facebook marketing services for your local business. Use Social Media to form a brand, provide excellent customer services, and to build a relationship and trust with your potential and existing clients.

Email Marketing

Yes, email marketing is still effective! Nowadays, our inbox is full of **. But although many marketing emails are deleted straight away, the ones that are opened are still doing its job. Email marketing is still a successful and cost-effective form of digital marketing. We manage your email marketing campaigns utilising email marketing software like MailChimp to reach your current clients and turn them into repeat clients.

Review Response Service

If a client gives you feedback in person you’d reply, so why wouldn’t you online? As an addition to our Reputation Booster, we offer an online review response service. Our friendly customer service team will respond to your reviews every day of the year, including public holidays.


We can help you create beautiful images that improve your branding and visual presence. With an in-house team of photographers, we handle everything – from pre-production to on-location shoots, and post – saving you time while delivering a higher output of images that truly show off your brand and product.