Hey! I’m Suzie
Local SEO Expert &
Founder of Boom Local SEO

Together with my lovely team of SEO Experts, I help small local businesses reach their GG’s (Google Goals) through custom Local SEO strategies that suit their business’ needs and budget.

I’ve run a small local business with my partner for over 10 years now. That’s why I understand the struggles of small local businesses. After gaining lots of experience working in our own business and working as a freelancer with other local businesses around Australia for over 8 years, I’ve now started my own agency, offering very flexible and custom made local SEO services for small businesses. At Boom Local SEO, our aim is to provide the best possible service while still being affordable for the small players out there. From fully managed packages, to pay on result SEO, to a complete Local SEO training with my personal guidance for the DIY business owners…

We’ve got a solution for everyone!

Are you seeing a confusing report every month that doesn’t make any sense, plus another $1k down the drain? Know the feeling?

It’s my core belief that SEO can take every local business to the next level. It’s a lifelong investment. SEO is like the “elephant” of online marketing. It’s slow to get moving, but once it’s moving in the right direction, it’s very powerful!

About 10 years ago, when me and my partner started running our own local business (a tour operating business in Noosa), we only faced one problem… We couldn’t work out how to get more people to our website and how to reach the travelling tourists online. I studied marketing myself at the university of Amsterdam and had some basic knowledge of digital marketing. I tried everything. Studied. Analysed data. From Social Media, to Google Ads, to paid editorials, until we finally gave local SEO a go.

Although Google Ads gave us good results, we felt like it wasn’t growing the foundations of our business. As soon as we stopped paying those big ad bills, our traffic would drop. We saw SEO as a better investment in our business in the long run, and it definitely was!

I quickly became hooked. I spent months teaching myself the ins and outs of SEO, especially Local SEO, and it worked. Our sales skyrocketed. I managed to grow our own local business from a small “hidden” tour operator, to an internationally known business, with connections in the tourism industry all over the world!

Because I got so passionate about SEO, I decided I wanted to help other local businesses to achieve the same results. I started freelancing for businesses in the tourism industry, mainly hospitality, but I also worked for other local industries and even a few enterprise businesses.

Although I learned a lot from working with enterprise businesses, I soon realised my passion lays with small local businesses. Because I understood them better. I knew their struggles. And I really felt like I could do something to help. I managed to set up a SEO strategy especially for the small guys, with a tunnel vision focus to achieve results on a small budget. 



I can’t stand it when SEO agencies charge a ridiculous amount for their services and deliver mediocre results. Especially if they’re draining the pockets of the small business owner who is struggling to pay the bills and who has no idea what they are paying for. You need (and deserve) to know that you’re getting results for the money you spend.


Every business is different. That’s why it’s our aim to be flexible and work within your budget. Whether you want us to take complete control of your online strategy, focus on just a few keywords, or whether you want us to guide you or your in-house marketing person and show the strategies we use for our clients – the possibilities are endless. You tell us your budget and goals, and we fill in the gaps.


Sick of confusing reports, terminology and metrics you don’t understand? Yeah, me too. I’ll break things down in people terms. Focusing on results and rankings. Plus, everything we do is transparent. We are more than happy to share with you all our behind the scenes work. We answer any questions and guide you through the process of online business growth.


Aside from being a workaholic, these are the things that make me love my life…

My family is everything to me. I have a lovely husband and a beautiful daughter. We live in the most beautiful part of the world, Noosa, and we love spending time in the sun and on the beach together.

I’m a real early bird. Getting up at 5 am, making a big cup of tea and sitting down in front of my computer while the rest of the world is still asleep. That’s when I’m most creative and completely focused.

Living a healthy lifestyle is my secret. Eating wholesome food and exercising outdoors keep my energy levels high to run my business full time, while being a mum and wife too.

Kombucha, Chai Latte and Bengal Spice Tiger Infusion are my daily addictions and keep me hydrated.

I love Reality TV. I like to think it’s because I’m highly intelligent and need mindless trash to help me switch off… I don’t often find enough time to watch it though, but that’s probably a good thing!



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We understand your struggles. Let’s keep the costs low while hitting your GG’s (Google Goals).

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